Glenlough bay

I received a mail from a friend a few weeks back saying he was going to be staying in An Port for a week and if I would like to join him on a sea stack climb one of the days.  Of course I said yes not really knowing what I signed myself up for but sure enough it was fantastic.  I left Letterkenny around seven am and hammered An Port into my google maps with one eye open! Arriving at roughly nine I met up with the rest of the crew that was going out that day for a bit hello and chit chat before we met up with Iain Miller (Unique Ascent) at round a half past nine.  We helped with ropes and the helmets while he carried the inflatable raft!

We began our hike to Glenlough bay from the pier at An Port which took roughly an hour and a half.  We had to first climb the mountain in from of us then we had to meander or way down from the top into the bay itself.  At the top you get your first glance of the bay and the beautiful beach below.  Once you get down onto the storm beach you realise there is no other way in or out!


After a quick devour of sandwiches, pasta and boiled eggs we got kitted out into our climbing gear and Iain had the raft inflated waiting on his first passenger to the iconic Table Stack.  Once all six of us were safely on the stack Iain prepped the ropes and we began our climb.  From the top the views were absolutely breath taking. The wind was warm and calm, the air was fresh and there was a nice sense of achievement to the day.

Before making our way back to An Port we stopped at the top for another glimpse of the bay.

Below I have added a few photos documented on the day taken on both my phone and my drone. Feel free to take a look,