I had some spare time on my hands the other evening and it looked like a cracking sunset was upon us.  I quickly packed up my car and raced up the Convent road and parked in the upper area of the cathedral car park.  As my drone was warming up, I started to set up the controller and monitor.  Well, there was more beeps than the afters of a wedding ceremony!! After a few pauses..and curses…I realised I has forgotten to load the micro SD into the drone….more curses followed.  Load up and quick spin home.  I had been loading footage from it the night before and never put it back in again like the buck that I am!! I race up again and park in the same spot…there was literally a hundred free spaces but this space was mine! So after 20 minutes of flight time and being eaten alive by flies this was the result of the evening.

Sit back,




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