Myself and a few friends met up recently for a photo hike up around the Fanad peninsular, Co.Donegal. Our main objective was to get down to the Great Pollet Arch which has been barricaded from the public in recent weeks. We managed to meet up with a few American tourists, Ohio if memory serves me, travelling around Northern Ireland and attending a wedding.  This unit were out of their car as we walked towards the gate and they mentioned a farmer let them use his land for access, so that meant he granted us access also!!  After falling into ditches, cutting hands on barbed wired fences and stepping through some fresh cow pats we finally descended onto the beach where the arch is located.  We scoped out the area first and let the selfie brigade do their thing.  Brian and Dave were shooting some wide angles,  Stephen was flying his drone (through the arch might I add) and I was shooting long exposures with my ND’s and grad filters. Some of the photo’s I captured are posted below.





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